Are you ready for the Springtime Sprint?

Ok, so we had a really warm winter this year. But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for spring to finally be here! Flowers blooming, birds chirping, new projects kicking off...

Spring, I find, is a time where things start to get busy at See3. Nonprofits wake up from hibernation and sprint toward year-end, trying to capture every last dollar before the tax deadline. The first quarter of every year is usually a time of reflection; figuring out how an organization did last year, what went right and wrong, and planning. Lots and lots of planning.

It's about now that projects kick into action, where the momentum of the year is building and changes are afoot. New websites start to launch, campaigns start to roll out and the lessons of the previous year get made real. Is your organization going to bloom this spring, or wither on the vine?

Don’t let the Springtime Sprint leave you winded. We're here to help you create a strategy that not only works for this season but the rest of 2017 and beyond. Bring us your data and your challenges and let's create a plan for impact together.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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by Michael Hoffman
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