Blending strategic and tactical with the BUILD Initiative

Ever been to a workshop or conference that introduced new concepts or inspiring ideas, only to leave thinking, “Well, that was great, but what do I do next?”

BUILD and See3 staff
From left: Deb Stahl (BUILD Initiative), Bridgett Colling (See3), and
Mariana Florit (BUILD Initiative) celebrating content calendar success.

We’ve been there, too. At See3, we love giving inspiring talks as much as the next person, but we like it even more when big ideas are backed up with the tactics to implement on them.

Our client, The BUILD Initiative, felt similarly about mixing the strategic and the tactical. BUILD works with state early childhood leaders to better prepare young children to thrive and succeed (learn more about our past work with BUILD). They were eager to get their remote team together in person to talk about big, important concepts like audiences and messaging, and also wanted to get in the weeds and produce a series of editorial calendars for the rest of 2017.

We designed a two-day Communications Summit to help them do just that.

On Day 1, we focused on goals, audiences, and messaging. Since BUILD has a totally remote team, this was a rare opportunity to get everyone talking about these foundational communications elements in person. This included:

  • Reviewing our communications goals for the year and connecting them back to BUILD’s organizational goals
  • Evaluating and refining BUILD’s target audiences, and discussing where we can provide value to each
  • Reviewing and refining BUILD’s key messages, developing a messaging framework document that will eventually include shared definitions for each of these messaging points

Day 2 was all about editorial calendars. We papered the walls of our conference room with big calendar pages for the remainder of the year, and used colorful pens and sticky notes to outline important dates. We populated these calendars with dates from the BUILD calendar, important dates in the early childhood sector, and national holidays or awareness days/weeks/months that align with BUILD’s work.

BUILD’s communications consultant, Mariana Florit, was ecstatic about how helpful the conference was in helping her get on firmer ground when it comes to creating content for BUILD. She shared, “It was educational and helpful in putting direction to my work - I got exactly what I needed!”

BUILD co-founder and Special Projects Manager Deb Stahl shared, “I thought it was a very productive meeting and I’m feeling really great about where we are going with communications.”

By blending the strategic and the tactical, the BUILD team left our summit feeling like they had taken a big leap forward in their communications. It takes time and effort to plan an effective customized workshop, but the rewards can be very significant, particularly for fully or partially remote teams who don’t often see each other in person.

If your organization is interested in planning a conference or workshop with See3, contact Miriam Brosseau, See3’s Director of Engagement, to get started:

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