Do more with less.

I had the great honor of appearing on the Dr. DigiPol Show this week. It's the web show of Alan Rosenblatt, an expert in digital campaigns and strategy. You can watch it here.

At See3 we talk a lot about strategy because many organizations haven't embedded their tactical work in a strategic framework. For example, you can optimize Facebook’s algorithm all day long, but if you're telling the wrong stories to the wrong people you won't get the results you desire.

But tools and tactics are essential, and at See3 we've invested in the development of two video tools where we have achieved consistent results. These tools are designed to leverage video creation and assets in a way that allows an organization to do more with less. Video is the most popular and impactful kind of content online, but it's complicated and expensive to produce. See3's tools can give you a leg-up in the video game.

Personalized Video

See3 pioneered the use of personalized video in fundraising. Personalized Video is when we make one video -- a really good one -- but we leave fields in the video blank and fill them in based on information in your organization’s database. The result is that you can easily send a unique experience to every one of your constituents. The video can have the donor's name, the amount of their last donation, etc... Whatever you have in your database can be used to create a video that is personalized to the one watching it. In a recent use of this technology with the Alzheimer's Association, participants in the organization’s annual “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” event who shared a Personalized Video with their family and friends raised three times as much as participants who did not. Want to get results like that? I'll show you how.

Gather Voices

Gather Voices is a technology platform that came from a decade of work with organizations seeking to get more video content from their constituents. The authentic voices of your donors and advocates are more powerful than any traditional marketing content. And today, everyone you want on video is carrying around a powerful camera in their pocket. Gather Voices allows your organization to walk constituents through creating a video. Our system manages the rights, has them hold their phone the right way, encourages them to stay on message and even delivers the video right to your desktop. We even built awesome publishing tools that allow you to push those videos to Facebook and YouTube with single click. It's a powerful system and I'd love to show you how it works.

If you'd like a short demo of how Personalized Video and Gather Voices work, we can set up a time.

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