How to drive action through Personalized Video

There are only so many ways you can ask constituents to donate. Or sign a petition. Or subscribe to emails. Eventually, they’ve heard them all. And with countless nonprofits sending out countless different messages every day, driving your audience to action is tougher than ever. Have you ever tried to shout to a friend across a football stadium? During the Super Bowl? With laryngitis? It feels kind of like that.

The key to successfully securing your audience’s attention and getting them to accomplish the goals you set out for them lies in combining innovation with relevance. The internet is stacked to the gills with videos, blog posts, and other content from nonprofits. What makes your organization’s content stand out? Be bold and show audiences something so unique, they can’t help but notice. And make it so perfect for them, their needs and values, that they are moved to action.

What I’m trying to say is, stop shouting across the football stadium. Light up some fireworks instead.

That’s where See3’s Personalized Video tool comes in. Personalized video is when we make one video -- a really good one -- but we leave fields in the video blank and fill them in based on information in your organization’s database (donor’s name, amount of their last donation, pretty much anything you want). The result is that you can easily send a unique experience to every one of your constituents. You’ll get your message across that football stadium, and then some.

Want to learn more about how Personalized Video works and how your organization can use it to drive all sorts of actions? Join us on June 28 for a free webinar with the Alzheimer’s Association. We’re going to dig into the science behind why personalization markedly increases donations and engagement through individual viewer connection. We'll also take a look at how the Alzheimer's Association successfully uses Personalized Video for two annual events, leading to substantial increases in fundraising success. Register now.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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