Let's get moving!

Movement is key to a healthy body. But it’s also key to a healthy mind and knowledge retention. When we walk, run, dance, or do tree pose in a yoga class, it changes our brains and we can actually learn more effectively. Our good friend Beth Kanter loves walking meetings and makes movement a critical part of her work on organizational and personal care.

I was thinking about this last weekend during the March for Science, and this weekend as we head to the Climate March. These events are movements on multiple levels. When we march we physically move forward. But we’re also moving the dial on social justice and other things that matter to us.

When we get moving, we learn and connect with issues differently. Digital actions are often perceived as solely stationary (I’d like to see you donate and do jumping jacks at the same time), but they don’t need to be. There are absolutely ways to combine online movements with physical actions, thereby deepening engagement and understanding with audiences.

How can we get our donors and advocates moving? Let's not limit ourselves to major marches. We have run, walk and ride fundraisers, but how about other ideas for creating physical connections and physical muscle memories tied to changing the world for the better? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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by Michael Hoffman
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