Parlez-vous "nonprofit communications?"

This week I had the great privilege of presenting to the UJA Federation of New York partner agencies as part of their Nonprofit Digital Summit.

I presented with Michael Smolens, the CEO, founder and chairman of Dotsub. Dotsub makes it so easy to add transcripts and multilingual captions to videos. When people experience video in their native language (even if they’re fluent in English), it touches them emotionally in a special way. And when you add caption files to your videos, you make them visible to search engines in multiple languages, thereby giving you a massive SEO boost. Every video we produce at See3 comes with English and Spanish subtitles for this reason.

Our talk at the Summit covered video and storytelling for nonprofits, and it was great to see organizations commit to telling powerful stories that will move their constituents to action. We also talked about how mobile video revolutionized what's possible for orgs to do at a low cost. And there was a lot of interest in Gather Voices, the new platform to collect, manage and publish user-generated video content. 

One of the keynote speakers was Brian Reich, who talked about his new book, The Imagination Gap. He argued that imagination is our most important and most underutilized natural resource. We have to imagine what's possible in order to make it happen. I couldn't agree more.

If you're stuck in your organizational silo, wondering how you could possibly bring a new energy, new creativity and new impact to your work, it's time to take a step back. At See3, we're working with organizations to help them imagine and create a new future. We can show you how to apply the concept of Digital Minimalism to get off the treadmill of communications and on to more impactful work. We can show you how to align your organization for digital communication success. The not-so-secret is that it starts from the from a foundation of internal understanding, and radiates out to impact your day-to-day work. 

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