Telling Your Foundational Story

Today is the start of the Jewish holiday of Passover, or Pesach. The theme of this holiday is the journey from being slaves to being free. It's one of the foundational stories of the Jewish people. Maybe you've seen the movie?

At the Seder, which is the ritual meal that starts off the holiday, participants are instructed to tell the story as if they personally had experienced it. Thousands of years later we are supposed to take ourselves to that place emotionally and experience the story in all its gritty reality. It’s so amazing that through the power of storytelling, this holiday and its messages have been passed from generation to generation.

What's your organization's foundational story? How can you take your constituents and donors to that emotional place so they can discover the reason you do what you do? Take this opportunity to have that conversation among your team and bring those emotions into your storytelling.

Many of us also use this time think of the things we are slaves to today and how we can be free. In our work at See3, we see how some organizations are tethered to the vanity metrics of views and likes. And how overworked and stressed comms professionals can feel like they are slaves to a treadmill of tactics and platforms, trying to do everything and not being able to tell a cohesive organizational story that spurs people to action.

A way to break free from the tactical treadmill is what we call Digital Minimalism. If you'd be interested in learning more about that, let me know.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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