Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine

We’ve all got websites these days (it is the 21st century, after all) but have you fully optimized yours to achieve the best results? If you answered no, you’re leaving money, action, and impact on the table.

Thankfully, your friends at See3 have pulled together key tips that can help you make your website a more engaging and impactful experience for your supporters.

Tip One: Do Your Due Diligence

You know you want to make changes on your site that will make an impact, but have you asked yourself what those changes should accomplish?

Planning and research in the first stages of optimization can make all the difference in the world. Take the time to sit down with your internal stakeholders to ask the following questions:

  • What are our goals?

  • What actions do we want people to take?

  • Who is our target audience?

  • What is our current conversion rate?

  • What has our conversion process been in the past?

Having these answers will give you all the important info you’ll need to make educated, informed decisions moving forward.

Tip Two: Usability & Persuasion Are Your Best Friends

Your approach to optimization shouldn’t be “either/or”. For best results, it’s important to keep both usability and persuasion in mind throughout the process. We’ve broken down what that means for you here:

  • Persuasion is all about understanding your visitors to identify where your goals meet their interests. Need some help? Give your cause a push by creating urgency around your ask and making sure to establish trust and credibility.

  • Usability asks that you understand your visitors, but in a different way. Thinking about things like how your users navigate your site and eliminating points of friction and visual distractions will make the journey to completing your ask much smoother.

Tip Three: Test, Test, Test

Now’s the perfect time to think like a mad scientist- testing your assumptions and ideas about how your audience thinks and behaves will lead you to the most effective strategies in a timely manner.

Testing involves tweaking your approach across the board and can involve changes of any scale. Try switching up the following:

  • Page design

  • Headline copy

  • Page hierarchy

  • Body copy

There’s tons more to learn about web optimization, so make sure you also check out our own Mark Roth & Megan Lee’s in-depth presentation for all the important details.

How to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Machine from See3 Communications

Now it’s your turn to teach us something- have you gone through a website optimization process? What did you learn and how have you improved? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Mark Roth
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