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Tell the story of your audience

New York Magazine: Joss Whedon, the creator of classic TV shows “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” created a moving new video for Planned Parenthood that imagines a world where all the organization’s clinics are closed. The video’s power comes from taking us past the news articles and talking heads, and instead shows us the stories of people who will be negatively impacted if the clinic doors are forced shut. We’re getting the audience’s perspective, not just Planned Parenthood’s. Check out “Unlocked” below.

Put your donors at the center of your work

New York Times: The hero’s journey is at the center of See3’s strategy work with clients. New research shows wealthy people are more likely to give to charity when they’re provided with a sense of accomplishment. Fundraising that focuses on the hero’s journey -- what donors can achieve, or what organizations and donors can achieve together -- is more effective than direct appeals. “As researchers have shown, wealthier parents tend to teach their children to stand out as individuals and pursue their own goals, while less affluent parents tend to teach their kids to prioritize the needs of the group.”

Nonprofits getting in on the AI action

TechRepublic: Nonprofits are joining the effort to measure the impact of artificial intelligence on society, develop a set of best practices, and help the public better understand exactly what AI is. The new nonprofit partners include the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Human Rights Watch, and UNICEF: "Together with the founding companies and our existing non-profit Partners (AAAI, ACLU, and OpenAI), these new Partners strengthen and broaden our representation, helping to fulfil our goal to build a diverse, balanced, and global set of perspectives on AI."

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