What we're reading: Listening edition

Empowering women by listening

The Chronicle of Philanthropy - When the NoVo Foundation decided to commit $90 million to community-led programs that target racism and sexual violence, they started with something really smart and unique: a listening tour. Staff traveled across the country to hear girls and women of color describe their goals, challenges and ideas for improving their lives. This listening tour will ensure that the NoVo Foundation makes a meaningful, lasting difference in communities across the country. “This investment is really planting seeds for a critical mass of people - young women of color, trans young women, and nonconforming youth - to lead the way,” said Joanne Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Girls for Gender Equity.

Kickstarting academia

Nonprofit Quarterly: Figuring out how what encourages your audience to donate is fundamental to nonprofit fundraising success. A growing list of universities have recognized the popularity of sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe with young people, and are now turning to crowdfunding to raise money for smaller programs and build lifelong philanthropic connections with recent graduates.

Virginia Tech recently hopped on the bandwagon and launched a crowdfunding platform called Jump, which raised $21,000 from 317 donors in a few months. “One of the successful campaigns included funding student performances for local children through Virginia Tech’s Moss Arts Center. Many of the crowdfunding site’s donors do not have a history of donating to the university and often are not interested in Virginia Tech’s traditional annual funds.”

The Facebook Effect - Presidential edition

New York Review of Books: Much has been made of the Trump campaign’s hiring of Cambridge Analytica, a London-based firm that touts its ability to build psychological profiles of potential voters through the acquisition of social media data. But the impact of Facebook’s suite of marketing tools can’t be diminished. The New York Review of Books’ Sue Halpern breaks down how Cambridge Analytica used underhanded methods to secure data on social media users, and how Facebook marketing tools helped sway voters.

Author: Mitch Hurst, Briana Kerensky
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