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Google for givers

Seattle Times: Jeff Raikes, former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and serial startup entrepreneur Luis Salazar recently launched Giving Compass, a website and app that helps donors identify quality nonprofits. One of the more nifty Giving Compass features is the provision of links to recent news stories about organizations. It’s like a Google search specifically for information about trustworthy organizations you may be interested in supporting. We’re curious to hear what you think: could Giving Compass be the next GuideStar or Charity Navigator? 

Show me the money

The Nonprofit Times: According to preliminary estimates released this week in “Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2016,” donors in the United States gave a record $390 billion dollars to nonprofits last year. Seventy-two percent of donations recorded in 2016 were from individuals. What percent of your organization’s donations last year were from individuals? And what’s your strategy to increase individual donations in 2017? 

An Internet for all students

Wired: One digital issue that lots of nonprofits face, but don’t often talk about, is internet accessibility. Many people in rural areas have limited access to the internet and can’t find out about nonprofit resources. This lack of accessibility is also holding students back from doing homework and advancing their educations. A school district in rural Virginia, where 20 percent of the students don’t have regular internet access, is spearheading an ambitious effort to create a countywide broadband network and enable more people to learn from home.

Author: Mitch Hurst, Briana Kerensky
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