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Nov 19
by Miriam Brosseau

Like too many women, I’m not always the confident professional I strive to be. I say yes to things I don’t have time for because I don’t want to upset anyone. I mitigate my assertions by ending statements with question marks.

Nov 14
by Lisa Colton

Above: Members of the Jewish Day School Social Media Academy are all smiles after a social media boot camp. 

Nov 11
by Michael Hoffman

What is the goal of the flight safety video that you are shown before you take-off when you fly? Seriously, who doesn’t know how to put on a seat belt? It shows people the exits and at least theoretically enables the passengers to act smarter in the case of a real emergency.

Nov 4
by Erin Schaeffer

As people working for nonprofits and social causes, there is a unique opportunity to fulfill what Tony Robins identifies as one of the two great spiritual needs: to grow ourselves and contrib

Oct 30
by Matt Taylor

As an editor, I’m all about shortcuts. I use them so much I forget it’s not possible to use them in the real world.

Oct 23
by Stacy Moon

All nonprofit communications professionals have been here before: you have a big campaign launching or a new report coming out, and you need to find a way to get your audience interested without rehashing the same old information or messaging.