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Daily DoGooder

The Daily DoGooder

Our project to change the world one video at a time


Nonprofits and causes are creating more incredible video content than ever before. Over the years, See3’s DoGooder Awards program has received thousands of entries from every imaginable nonprofit and cause.


It’s staggering how much great content exists.  It’s being created every day.  The Daily DoGooder curates these works into a daily feature designed to entertain, educate and astound nonprofits and the general public alike.


Our group of filmmakers, producers and nonprofit communicators choose some of the best examples from the field and we deliver one – just one – excellent cause video to your inbox every day. When we can, we deconstruct the video to point out what works from an expert’s point of view. Sometimes we don’t need to. Either way, we make sure that each video we send is unique, interesting and effective.


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