How to Get your Nonprofit out of a Storytelling Rut

Do you feel like your organization does a good job telling moving, impactful stories online...but metrics reveal your audience finds them a snooze?

You need to figure out what kinds of stories will wake your supporters up and move them to action, and make sure that every story you tell hits the mark every time.

Join See3 and Make-A-Wish for a deep dive into creating content that not only meets your organization's goals for engagement, but your audience's goals as well. We'll take a look at how Make-A-Wish utilized user personas to break out of a 35 year story rut, and how See3's Hero Audit tool can get you on the path to creating audience-centric content on a consistent basis.


  • Make-A-Wish Brand Marketing & Strategy Director Jono Smith
  • See3 Communications CEO Michael Hoffman
  • See3 Director of Engagement Miriam Brosseau